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Enhanced Well-being

Dementia, a condition affecting memory and cognitive abilities, poses unique challenges for seniors and their families. Understanding the importance of holistic care, New Haven Assisted Living and Memory Care introduces Purposefully Engaged and Essential Connections programs for dementia care near Schertz. Research indicates that a daily routine encompassing mental exercises, social connections, physical activity, and sensory stimulation can slow the progression of dementia and enhance overall well-being. Seniors enrolled in these specialized programs benefit from a tailored menu of activities and therapies grounded in the latest research on age-related cognitive decline. New Haven is dedicated to ensuring seniors at every stage of their dementia journey experience dignity, security, and happiness, making their mission a reality.

The Transportation System in Schertz, TX

Schertz, Texas, boasts a well-developed transportation system contributing to the city's overall functionality and accessibility. With a strategic location along major highways, including Interstate 35 and Interstate 10, Schertz enjoys efficient connectivity to neighboring cities and facilitates smooth commuting for residents and businesses alike. The city's commitment to infrastructure development is evident in its well-maintained road networks and modern transportation facilities. Public transit options and cycling infrastructure further enhance the diverse transportation choices available to the community. This comprehensive system supports daily commutes and facilitates the movement of goods, promoting economic growth. Overall, Schertz's transportation infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring convenience, connectivity, and the city's overall livability.

Schertz Civic Center

The Schertz Civic Center serves as a versatile and welcoming venue in Schertz, Texas, accommodating a range of community events and activities. With its modern facilities and adaptable spaces, the civic center is a hub for conferences, cultural events, and social gatherings. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including meeting rooms and a spacious auditorium, the venue caters to diverse needs. Its central location makes it a convenient choice for both local and regional events, fostering community engagement and collaboration. The Schertz Civic Center contributes to the city's cultural vibrancy by hosting a variety of functions, from business conferences to art exhibitions, creating a dynamic space that enhances the overall civic and cultural experience in Schertz.

Battle Brewing Over Schertz PD K-9 Officer

The retirement policies for K9s vary, but in many cases, K9s and their handlers develop strong bonds over years of service. While not all departments have formal retirement plans that synchronize K9s' retirements with their handlers, some recognize the importance of maintaining the human-canine partnership even after active duty. In such cases, efforts may be made to retire K9s alongside their handlers to preserve the relationship and ensure a smooth transition for both. Retirement decisions are typically influenced by factors like the dog's age, health, and overall well-being. Ensuring the welfare of retired K9s often involves finding suitable homes or facilities where they can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful retirement after their dedicated service.

Schertz Civic Center
1400 Schertz Pkwy, Schertz, TX 78154, United States
Head west toward Sz02 Service Rd
125 ft
Turn left onto Sz02 Service Rd
344 ft
Turn right onto Schertz Pkwy
0.3 mi
Turn right onto E Live Oak Rd
0.9 mi
Turn left onto Roy Richard Dr
0.2 mi
Turn right
 Destination will be on the right
240 ft
2300 FM3009, Schertz, TX 78154, United States